Reversed Periscope Mireia


PERISCOPI INVERTIT (Reversed Periscope)


Reversed Periscope by Mireia Carbonell is a fusion music project that mixes Catalan folk with funk-jazz. It was born of the final thesis that Mireia presented at Higher School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC).

Actually it is the result of her research into the traditional Catalan music and the modern music (progressive rock that made ‘Ona Laietana’, music, songwriters movement, punk, Catalan rock) and traditional music that Catalan people can easily find themselves in their "festes majors" because they are both own styles of the Catalan culture.


Catalan culture have more than one thousand years of history and a great cultural heritage.  On 11 September of 1714 Catalonia lost her independence due the attack by Philip V’s Spanish troops which sought to annihilate Catalan culture and identity. Nevertheless the foreign invaders did not succeed in doing it. In fact, culture and identity have doggedly remained and have developed over centuries in the Catalan people’s inner. So the Franco’s rebellion that provoked the Spanish Civil War of 1936, also failed in its attempt. However, despite the Dictator’s death on 1975 marked the beginning Spanish’s democracy, his heirs, a mighty political caste all-pervading in today’s Spanish society, not accept the difference even though it is a source of cultural richness. As a result, recent history is not always explained well enough and people need an inverted periscope to keep their cultural heritage.


Mireia Carbonell has been always very interested in cultural diversity expressed through music. And, although the media provides everybody to access to information and makes possible to know very quickly what is happening on the other side of the world, she is aware owing to the risks of immediacy. It makes that everything could be easily forgotten, specially whatever that is related with the own history and peculiar cultural expressions. Actually it contribute that people not always know or appreciate well enough their cultural inheritance. Thereby people often prefer to be dazzled by everything that comes from far away places, even though it means oblivion, or lack of interest in the music closest to them.


Mireia’s work rescues things of the Catalan culture that has been persecuted, repressed or underestimated, depending on the historical period. So to keep Catalan cultural heritage is not easy. However there is not reason why Mireia do it using the globalization phenomenon to promote the Catalan culture.


In the same way, the ‘subcomandante Marcos’, in the Mexico’s story "Un periscopio invertido; o la memoria, una llave enterrada" speaks about this phenomenon contextualized into the neoliberal policies than, in the 90's, affects Mexico and that nowadays provoke wild changes to Europe and many other world countries. Because of the evident parallelisms, Mireia thought that the title of this story would be a good title for her musical project.

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