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Music Workshops



Music is an emotional and intuitive language and can be also explained through dance and body movement. The music educator Jaques Dalcroze created one of the most important methods to work music through movement that nowadays it is still a reference.

The main purpose of my workshop is to offer an intuitive and fun way to work music concepts through body movement and folk dances.

Music is created to communicate emotions, a strength that must be used to achieve these aims. The body movement can be a good approach to learn music via intuition, which makes the learning process an amusing experience.




  • Work music concept adapted to the age of kids through body movement, games and folk dances from around the world.


  • Work collective movement in the space.

  • Work for the respect the colleagues’ work.

  • Create interest for folk music from around the world.


From 3 to 6 years old: Work sound qualities (rhythm, volume, intensity, etc.) through movement and dances.


From 6 to 12 years old: Work melodic and rhythmic music concepts through the free movement in the space and folk dances.


Method: Rítmica Jaques Dalcroze

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