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Mireia Carbonell was born in Barcelona in the 1979. She began to study classical music (piano and guitar) when she was 13 years old with a particular teacher and as an extra activity. In hers twenties, she started official studies in classical guitar at Sabadell’s Conservatory till she reach the grade 7. At the same time, she began to study electric bass guitar at ‘Aula de Música Moderna i Jazz de Barcelona’. And yet, she began to play with bands as a bass-player. In 2001, she earned a Mention Through Composition Competition at Sabadell’s Conservatory. The next year (in 2002), she earned the first prize of the same competition. Three years later, she was accepted at Higher School of Music of Catalonia, (ESMUC), as a graduate student in electric bass. She based her final thesis on ‘Ona Laietana Music’, an underground highly skilled musical trend that, although became very famous in the seventies, was marginalized for the political establishment. Due to the absence of bibliography, she had to interview a large number of musicians from this period.

When she finished the studies, she moved to Amsterdam where she played with several bands (Victor Sams duo, Sound of Persia) and led her own project ‘Periscopi Inverit’ (Reversed Periscope).

She studied with bass players as Jordi Ruiz, Ignasi Zamora, Gary Willis, Josep Pérez Cucurella, Ignasi Terraza and made a "mentoring run" with the drummer Lucas van Merwijk.

Throughout her career, she has worked as a bass player in function band, musical theatre and a circus company. As well she has always played with jazz, funk, pop and world music bands. She has a great experience as a music teacher in private music schools from Barcelona, Catalonia, from 2002 to 2010, and as a private music tutor in Amsterdam from 2010 to 2013. She lives currently in London, where she is playing with "Acacusine" world music band, "Blue Croon" jazz band and she is actually recording an album with "The Ben Cameron Project"


On July 2015 she recorded "Kendi Yolumda" (, album that have got a record deal with the turkish label Topkapi Müzik.


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